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Briet Davidsdottir

Briet Davidsdottir

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. Illustrations are my passion. I love to draw and enjoy the creative process. My illustration interest is in picture books, editorial illustrations, advertising and packaging. I currently live in Iceland but have strong ties to Sweden. 
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Creative Fields

Former clients include

The Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association. ME Association, Iceland. New Normal Reklambyrå, Rammagerdin Gift Store


Graphic Design, BFA Iceland University of the Arts. HDK, Academy of Design and Craft University of Gothenburg,  utbytesstudier.


Livet med ME (myalgisk Encefalomyelit)
Illustration, Editorial, Advertisement, Vector
Livet med ME (myalgisk encefalomyelit) 
Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial, Motion Graphics/GIF, Vector
klimat sommarläger                                                                              
Posters, Mixed Media, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertisement
Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial, Advertisement, Vector
Varannan Vecka  
Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Teaching Materials, Vector
Illustration – karakter skisser
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration
Its all about the shoes 
Mixed Media, Pencil, Illustration, Editorial
Simma Poster Design
Posters, Illustration, Vector
Posters, Illustration, Vector
Posters, Picture Book, Mixed Media, Illustration, Vector
Hösten 82
Book Design, Book Cover, Graphic Design, Illustration, Vector
illustration series "nostalgia"
Posters, Picture Book, Graphic Design, Illustration, Vector
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Advertisement, Vector
Objekts liv
Posters, Picture Book, Illustration, Vector
illustration series "nostalgia"
Posters, Picture Book, Graphic Design, Illustration, Comics, Vector
The Girl From Ecuador
Posters, Digital, Illustration, Vector
Nostalgi Illustration Serie
Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial, Comic Illustration, Vector
Ailurophobia Illustration Serie
Posters, Illustration, Comics, Comic Illustration, Vector
Illustration series "nostalgia"
Posters, Picture Book, Illustration, Vector

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