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Parenting, illustrations of different situations

Illustrations for a book consisting of different situations that can arise in parenthood and how to try to deal with them.


Idébilder till ett framtida projekt 

Creative Field


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Book Illustration, Teaching Materials


Situation: a child does not get any sweets in the store and lies down on the floor and screams in protest. The theme in the book should be relatively simple ink drawings with a few color fields. The text describes how you as a parent can choose to act in the different situations, but in the pictures we wanted to focus on the situation and the child. I have therefore chosen to make the parent anonymous by only showing the lower body. In this picture, I focused on the loud scream by giving the talk / scream bubble a lot of weight in both color and size.
Situation: a child wants to run away from home when it's time to brush the teeths. Even in this picture, the child is in focus while the parent is only partially visible. I also choosed to focus on the toothbrush so that you as an observer quickly understand the situation. The toothbrush almost looks threatening in the parent's hand along with the child's sad look.

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