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The Secret Three: The Painting Mystery

The sixth book in the series “The Secret Three”, written by Sanna Juhlin and published by Ordalaget Bokförlag 2019. Illustrated the cover and pictures for the interior, edited the text and did the typesetting. Johanna Kristiansson illustrated the first four books in the series. 


Ordalaget Bokförlag

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Design, Picture Book


2D, Digital
Cover illustration for "The Secret Three: The Painting Mystery". 
I like being playful with my creations. Sometimes I will add something in the picture that's not mentioned in the text. Like here, we can see the dog Thorn under the table with uncle Charlie's stolen sandwich. 
The crime scene and all the suspects. 
Scary scene where someone is coming towards the kids...
The dog Thorn saves the day!

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