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Sonjas Workshop – The Chips Thief

The third book in the series “Sonja’s Workshop”, written by Ingrid Jönsson and published by Beta Pedagog 2021. Illustrated the cover and pictures for the interior. 


Beta Pedagog

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Cover, Picture Book


2D, Digital
Cover illustration for "Sonja's Workshop".  I also made the logotype for the series. 
Spread from the book. I wanted to reflect the early spring in the story through the first illustration. 
Jon and Eddie are playing with garden tractors. 
"Then they go to the junkyard. All the while they look down at the ground. They're looking for foot prints, chips, candy wrappers. Those kinds of things. But they can't find anything."
A pine marten has stolen Eddies bandana. 

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