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Cover illustration Barnombudsmannen
Watercolor, Book Cover, Illustration, Editorial, Ink
Picture Book, Digital, Illustration
Digital, Comics, Comic Illustration, Ink
Och havet
Digital, Caricature, Comics, Comic Illustration
Mixed Media, Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Vector
Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Caricature
Vaccine, 2021
Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Bookcovers, historical romance
Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Vector
Edgar Allan Poe – The Masque of the red Death
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration
2D, Posters, Collage, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial
Posters, Picture Book, Digital, Illustration, Ink, Vector
Digital, Illustration, Editorial
New Books
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
Interview and reportage illustration
2D, Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial
Mixed Media, Collage, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial, Vector
Coronadagbok, 2021
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
Watercolor, Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Ink
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Advertisement, Vector
Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial, Ink, Vector
2D, Illustration, Editorial, Vector
2D, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial
Illustration, Editorial, Ink
'Master in genetics'
Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Editorial, Vector
Personal projekt, QuaranTree
Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Caricature

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