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Visar alla projekt taggade med: Funny

Personal Project
2D, Illustration, Character Design
OLW interactive beat-box animation
2D, Animation, Digital, Character Design, Motion Graphics/GIF
Skara sommarland
Digital, Illustration, Maps, Products, Vector
Many Happy Faces Pattern Design
Digital, Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
Bubbles cushion cover, Juniqe
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Products
Yay animation
2D, Animation, Digital, Advertisement, Motion Graphics/GIF
Linda Lilly's Day
Watercolor, Picture Book, Book Illustration, Illustration
The Little Aadvark Book
Watercolor, Picture Book, Illustration
chocolate wrap design
Watercolor, Packaging, Illustration
Dad Goes for a Walk
Watercolor, Picture Book, Illustration
Posters, Collage, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement
Cunning as a roach
Watercolor, Picture Book, Book Cover, Digital, Illustration
Knep o knåp
Digital, Illustration, Products, Editorial, Ink
Illustrations for children book
Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration
Packaging design
Packaging, Graphic Design, Vector
We stay on the ground
Mixed Media, Pencil, Book Illustration, Illustration, Editorial
Think of Me
Watercolor, Book Illustration, Illustration
Christmas 2021
2D, Animation, Digital, Character Design, Motion Graphics/GIF
Print design Autumn
Digital, Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
Strong and confident
Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Portraits, Editorial
Personal work
Watercolor, Picture Book, Mixed Media, Illustration
Character design for Idby books and The Idby games
Digital, Illustration, Character Design
Idby - The Idby Game
Digital, Illustration, Game Graphics
This is Idby
Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration
Winter Holiday
2D, Animation, Digital, Character Design, Motion Graphics/GIF
Packaging illustrations
Pencil, Packaging, Illustration, Advertisement
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration, Caricature
Illustration - Kamratposten, 2021.
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Illustration, Ink
2D, Mixed Media, Caricature, Comics, Comic Illustration
Book Illustration, Illustration, Ink
Digital, Information Material/Publications, Comics, Comic Illustration
Swedish Design Prize poster 2017
Posters, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
2D, Animation, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement, Motion Graphics/GIF
Health Economics
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Comics, Comic Illustration
UFE, Editorial, 2015
2D, Animation, Mixed Media, Illustration, Advertisement, Motion Graphics/GIF
2D, Animation, Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Motion Graphics/GIF
Margareta Krook
Picture Book, Illustration
Watercolor, Picture Book, Illustration
Article about hickups, Vårdguiden
Mixed Media, Pencil, Illustration, Editorial, Ink
'Monster Monster: Halloweenhundarna' - book cover
Book Cover, Digital, Illustration
Childrens book - Lisen and the thief
Picture Book, Digital, Illustration
Watercolor, Picture Book, Digital, Illustration, Ink
Personal work: Homo Habilis
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
Pattern Design, Vector
"Burn in hell, please" - Vector illustration
Illustration, Character Design, Comic Illustration, Vector

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