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Visar alla projekt taggade med: Natural Science

International Charitable Organisation, cityscape 
3D, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Advertisement, Vector
Hi fish!
Digital, Illustration, Public Art, Comic Illustration
Spruce forest
Watercolor, Book Illustration, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Liber - when the ground shakes
Book Illustration, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Vector
Micaela Favilla
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Micaela Favilla
Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Watercolor, Book Illustration, Illustration
Watercolor, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Ink
organisational  development 2022 
Digital, Illustration, Infographics, Teaching Materials, Vector
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration, Editorial
Poster for the Nobel Price in Chemestry 2001, Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien
3D, Posters, Digital, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration
2D, Graphic Design, Logotype, Vector
2D, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographics, Information Material/Publications, Vector
Graphic Design, Logotype, Vector
Graphic Design, Logotype, Vector
Artificial intelligence.
Mixed Media, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Editorial, Ink
Cell, Science life Lab KTH
2D, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Vector
Infographics, WWF Magasin
Illustration, Infographics, Vector
Wild strawberries, aquarelle
Watercolor, Illustration, Pattern Design
Illustration SLU
Illustration, Teaching Materials, Vector
Logotype, SAGANet astrobiology network
Logotype, Vector
Pattern Design, Vector
T-shirt design Asteroid Day "Cosmic Collisions"
Graphic Design, Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
Illustration "Effects of foods on LDL cholesterol"
Illustration, Infographics, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Vector
Natur & Kultur
Teaching Materials

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