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3D Puzzle: Tfaddal

“Welcome, how are you?”. A local souvenir puzzle inspired by the traditional “sadu” pattern that is used for the Qatari “majlis” seating.



Kreativt område

Grafisk form


3D, Kalligrafi


Produkt, Spelgrafik
I used genial words that are commonly spoken in these gathering spaces. The puzzle’s first layer reads “welcome”, then goes on with “how are you?”, and three more layers of phrases that show Arab hospitality. The words are repeated and rotated to promote playing in groups and from two sides of a table. The puzzle has five levels of color and is made using kufik typography. It provides a new way for sharing culture and learning local words and phrases. The colors of the puzzle were inspired by “khaleeji sadu” patterns. Like the “sadu”, the completed puzzle is dominantly red, with other colors as complements.

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