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Illustratörcentrum is Sweden’s largest provider of visual communication. Through us, you have direct access to the majority of Sweden’s top illustrators, graphic designers and animators – with a multitude of expressions, crafts, and expertise within their respective fields.

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+46 8 702 14 05

Hornsgatan 103
117 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Strengthening the job market for illustrators and graphic designers 

Illustratörcentrum’s mission is a vital part of Sweden’s cultural infrastructure. Along with businesses, society, and official institutions, we strive to create a sustainable working environment for illustrators and graphic designers nationwide. We create new job opportunities, educate commissioners of creative services and strengthen our members position in the labour market. Illustratörcentrum is one of thirteen trade centres that serve the independent cultural industry and 12 000 professional creatives.

We highlight the value of illustration and graphic design in society

Working together with many agents of change, encouraging cohesion, and exchanging experiences between creatives is central to our operation. To step up the social value of illustration and graphic design, we initiate projects, exhibitions, and collaborations where Illustratörcentrum improves the art field in Sweden and abroad.

We provide cultural activities to the national school curriculum

We believe in acquiring knowledge through artistic processes. That’s why we developed the online booking platform Konstdepartementet together with Konstnärscentrum, The Center for Photography and Konsthantverkscentrum. This service offers collaborative meetings between professional artists and students through a wide variety of quality artistic workshops connected to school subjects and the national curriculum.


Valeria Hedman
Acting Director

Lisa Engström
Commissions facilitator

Caroline Östlund
Communications officer

Iso Lindh
Member coordinator

Regional representatives

Region West
Hugo Sandsjö (Representatives)

Region North
Linda Blåfors Carlsson (Representative)

Region South
Marie Herzog (Representative)

Board Members

Valeria Hedman

Rickard Grönkvist
Board member

Fredrik Anvin
Vice ordförande

Anna Stam
Deputy Board member

Jenny Soep
Board member

Ben Backer

Alexandra Falagara
Board member

The statutes of the association

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