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We help you find the right artist

Do you have an important message to communicate? On this platform, we connect you to artists who can find innovative solutions that add value to your message.

Can’t find the creative you’re looking for? We’ll match you with Sweden’s top artists in illustration, graphic design, animation and comics. Contact us for a custom list of freelancers that fit your needs – it’s free!

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For a successful commission

Do you need an animator or an illustrator? Experience in stop motion or collage? A successful commission isn’t always easy.

We’re here to help you find the right competence for the job and guide you through your order of creative services. Reach out to us, and we’ll help you through a straightforward, transparent, and accurate order – for free.


Organize these points to prepare for contact with any of our artists.


Describe the commission – what do you need done?


Where, how, and when will the images be published?


Make sure that the job can be completed within the deadline, don’t forget to factor in time for adjustments and revisions.


See an offer and agree on a reasonable rate.


Make sure to confirm your agreed terms with a written agreement.

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