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Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers

Find the right artist, no matter which specialty you’re looking for. In our Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers catalogue, you’ll find many of Sweden’s top illustrators, graphic designers, game designers, comic artists, and animators.

The catalogue was made to be an inspiring tool to find artists for various commissions. It is clearly divided into different creative fields, making it easy for you to find the perfect freelancer.

The catalogue is available for purchase at selected retailers in Sweden. As a client, you can order a copy of the catalog for free by contacting us at [email protected].

Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers was awarded Svenska Publishingpriset, the Swedish “Publishing Prize” for Best catalogue in 2021 and 2013, and was nominated each year between 2015-2020.

Cover Design: Bukett Grafik (2022), Nina Ulmaja (2021), BankerWessel (2020)
Graphic Design (all editions) by Lisa Zachrisson and Sofia Scheutz.


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