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Illustratörcentrum widens the job market for illustrators, graphic designers, animators, comic artist and works to mediate commissions for our members. Read more about the association of Illustratörcentrum here.

About the membership

A membership costs SEK 500 per calendar year. If you are a member of Svenska Tecknare, your annual fee is SEK 300. The membership gives you access to:

Assessment of applications

To apply you must prove you are a professional in the field of visual communication (illustration, graphic design, animation and/or comics). Do this by uploading either a work sample or a degree certificate to your application form.

Applications are reviewed during our admission periods (February, May, September and December) and are assessed individually by our committee of admissions. The committee consists of board members of Illustratörcentrum who are experienced freelancers in the field.

How to apply with a work sample

Your work sample should consist of a PDF compiling five jobs you’ve been commissioned to do. For each commission you must present one or more pictures showing the result of your work, as well as an invoice or a contract. The invoice or contract must specify the client, the fee and the date of the invoice (or the date of the work). Criteria for the work sample are::

How to apply with a degree

You may apply using a degree certificate from a completed education in visual communication or fine arts, if the education is sufficiently extensive and your degree is relatively recent. Examples of degrees that qualify you for membership are a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design at Konstfack, 3D Artist at Future Games. For some degrees from two year long polytechnic programmes, professional experience is required in addition to the degree – contact us for more information if you want to apply with this kind of degree. Criteria for the degree are:

After your application is submitted

Your application will be checked to see that it meets our criteria. If it doesn’t, we’ll contact you by email to give you a chance to complete your application. We’ll only review applications that are complete and after reviewing your application we’ll contact you by email to let you know if it’s approved or denied. If your application is approved we’ll send you an invoice for your membership fee and when it’s paid you’ll get access to your portfolio.

We administer and assess applications during our admission periods (February, May, September and December). We may assess applications in between the admission periods if time allows it.

You are welcome to submit your application.

If you have submitted your application but not received a confirmation email whithin minutes – please get in touch with us!

Describe relevant education, if any

Mark your creative fields

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Describe the types of commissions and jobs you do as a freelancer

Numbers of years as a professional freelancer

Upload work sample or proof of exam

Försäkra dig om att du har läst instruktionerna för att söka med arbetsprover för att slippa komplettera din ansökan.

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Godkända filtyper: jpg, png, pdf, gif. Max enskild filstorlek: 6 MB, Max total filstorlek: 40 MB, Max antal filer: 10.

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