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Mindlings Boardgame

The Mindlings is a collaborative board game for introducing children from 7-9 years old to coping methods for stress management and raising awareness about stress.


Examensarbete för magisterexamen för Child Culture Design

Creative Field

Graphic Design

Project Type

Game Graphics, Teaching Materials


Boardgame pieces showing cards, a board, dice and the two characters of the game
Mindlings stress cards and main characters
Boardgame elements showing a round board, cards spaces for the game
Mindlings Boardgame
9 different game cards showing the character of the game experiencing different emotions such as surprise, happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, and stress. The cards chow different stories that narrate the game's storyline.
Game Cards - Feeling cards
6 emotion characters for the boardgame Mindlings, Disgust, Happiness, Fear, Sadness, Surprise and Anger
Logotype for the boardgame Mindlings, floating in a starry sky.
Game's logotype

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