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Common Ground

A collaborative game/tool for children together with architects, planners, designers, builders, etc. as part of the process of developing a new play area. Collab with Pontus Johansson.


Des&Do!, Svensk Form Väst, S-P-O-K

Creative Field

Graphic Design

Project Type

Game Graphics, Teaching Materials


cover of the board game Common Gound. The different tiles depict different outdoor landscapes and you can read Common Ground when the tiles are together.
Common Ground game box
Overview of the board game Common Ground, showing the tiles, game pieces, cards and box.
Overview of the game board, showing the tiles, cards and game pieces
a set of 3 "Tänk på" cards as examples for the Common Ground game
"Tänk på" cards
Description of the Common Ground game with a map overview 
Design of the back of the game box

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