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Gift boxes - Runåbergs Fröer (Runåbergs Seeds)

Runåbergs fröer (Runåbergs Seeds) wanted to develop gift boxes with different themes, where different types of seeds would be collected. They wanted the design to relate to Runåberg Fröer’s graphic profile and at the same time be something new and unique.


Runåbergs Fröer

Creative Field


Project Type

Packaging, Products


In the box "Kulturarvsväxter" ("Cultural heritage seeds"), seeds of old, cultivar-worthy varieties are collected. To show the heritage and the old feeling, I used a splash of sepia in the color scheme. I wanted the box to surprise with a little more color when opening the lid.
The lid shows cultural heritage plants. I chose to draw the plants with inspiration from older school posters. 
In this box, the customer gets to choose which seeds to include. The plants on the box should therefor show a great variety (flowers, spices, vegetables, etc.)
The lid in its entirety (the assignment included both illustration and graphical design of the box).

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