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I was commissioned to make a brochure for the organization Vi håller oss på jorden (We stay on the ground). The brochure should contain a lot of facts and at the same time feel enticing and easygoing to read.


Vi håller oss på jorden

Creative Field


Project Type

Editorial, Information Material/Publications


Digital, Pencil
The result was a folder where text and image flow together. You can read each page individually or unfold it and get a whole image.
The broschure (front and back).
A character from the broschure who show joy, forward thinking and energy. The picture should get the viewer enthusiastic and to want to be part of the fun!
Here a grandmother and her grandchild, representing two generations.
The girl who imitates an airplane (but stays on the ground) is a small flirtation to the organization's message to reduce air traveling.
A young guy shows commitment and dedication by becoming proficient in his interest.

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