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Cecilia Birgerson Nordling

Cecilia Birgerson Nordling

I have been working as an illustrator and graphic designer since 2008, using different techniques. I strive for my illustrations to include a wide spectrum of people of different origins and lifestyles. I work with municipalities, government institutions, publishers and non-profit organisations.
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Creative Fields

Former clients include

Stockholms läns landsting,, MUCF, Tomelilla och Ystad kommun, Gleerups, Sensus,


Linköpings universitet, Berghs School of Communication


Illustration av ett stort äppelträd och gravida kvinnor som står under det och plockar eller sträcker sig efter äpplen
Illustration about inequality in health care for mothers, for a doctoral thesis, Karolinska Institutet
Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Information sign about how to take care of a popular lake
Pencil, Digital, Graphic Design, Information Material/Publications, Signage
Environment Memory
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Products
E-course about mental illness, Region Stockholm
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Illustrations about support for adults and children with disabilities
Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Sketch for BUP, Region Skåne
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
E-course about stress and exhaustion
2D, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Film about controlling a sister
Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Illustrations, Ystad and Tomelilla municipalities
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
Stepping Stone 4
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Newa's story
Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Short film
Stepping Stone 3
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
E-course about mental unhealth, Region Stockholm
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
The Swedish Partnership for Mental Health, NSPH
2D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
E-course, conflicts at work, Region Stockholm
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Housing services, Strängnäs kommun
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Sentenced to care, anthology, The Swedish Partnership for Mental Health, NSPH
Pencil, Book Design, Digital, Graphic Design, Information Material/Publications
E-course, drug review, Region Stockholm
2D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Under the same sky, Sensus studieförbund
Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Editorial
Erotic novels,
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
E-course, honor-related violence, MUCF
2D, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials

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