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Eva Hjelte

Eva Hjelte

In my work, I strive for movement, sensitivity and sharpness. I paint both big and small, by hand and in Photoshop. I have worked with illustration assignments both in Sweden and abroad since 2002. I have received an award for several of my works, gold and silver in Kolla. I work in Stockholm with my own studio in the house where I live.

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Peclers Paris / Aol, America on line / Selfridges, Uk / Ikea / Hennes & Mauritz /  Nordiska Kompaniet / Flippa K, internationellt / Sl / Dagens Nyheter / Svenska Dagbladet / Haägen Daz, Japan  / Systembolaget /  Tiger of Sweden / Annabelle, Zurich /  Vogue Nippon / PV, Premiere Vision, Paris / Skandia Bank och Försäkringar / Göteborgs Operan / och många flera.


Beckmans School of Design

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