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Kitchen & Beyond -  Illustration for information material

The assignment consisted of painting illustrations in watercolor that are used in the company’s information materials/assembly instructions. The purpose of the illustrations was to demonstrate the high quality and give the customer a feeling for the craftsmanship behind each kitchen.


Kitchen & Beyond

Creative Field


Project Type

Information Material/Publications, Products


Ink, Watercolor
Grönt kök med marmorbänk i grått
Shaker style kitchen
Ljusblått köksskåp med en linneduk i vitt och rött hängandes på en knopp
Detail of kitchen cabinet
Gult vitrinskåp med koppar och glas 
Display cabinet with crockery behind a glass panel
Kök med marmorbänk där ett fat med gul lök står
Part of the green kitchen with superb storage areas
Grönt kök i shakerstil med grå marmorbänk
The originalpicture to the green shaker kitchen
Grönt kök med marmorbänk där det står ett fat med gul lök på
Detailed image

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