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FGL - Marketing on social media and Thank You-card 

FGL wanted material that they could use both for marketing purposes on social media but also in paper form. They use this as an accompanying thank you card in orders. They produce clothes in a small-scale production where they cooperate closely with the Indian suppliers, which should be clearly visible.


FGL - For Good Luck

Creative Field


Project Type

Information Material/Publications, Products


Mixed Media, Watercolor
Två kvinnor som samtalar vid en bit tryckt tyg
Thank You-card and material used on social media
Två kvinnor som samtalar över en bit tyg i Indien
The picture that I started to work with in original
En blond kvinna i vit- och grönprickig klänning med en vit hund som tittar upp mot henne
This was the dress that FGL wanted in the picture

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