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Our Water Hours
2D, Picture Book, Mixed Media, Illustration
2D, Animation, Motion Graphics/GIF, Vector
Expert Nova, illustrations.
2D, Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration
One shape, four animals
2D, Posters, Illustration, Vector
3D, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Medical/Scientific Illustration
Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops
3D, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Medical/Scientific Illustration
3D, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Medical/Scientific Illustration
Dinosaur Poster
Posters, Mixed Media, Illustration, Ink
patterns Odd One Out
Illustration, Pattern Design, Screen Printing
Illustration, Pattern Design, Ink, Vector
Akvarell geologiskyltar, Helsingborgs stad 2016
Posters, Watercolor, Illustration, Signage
Akvarell skylt, Kristianstad kommun
Posters, Watercolor, Illustration, Signage
Infographics in print
2D, 3D, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographics, Maps, Editorial
The return of the dinosaurs
Digital, Illustration, Advertisement
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Book Design, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration
Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
Digital, Illustration, Storyboard
Digital, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration
Svante Segelson - Plaza
2D, 3D, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement
Cover illustration and typography
Book Design, Book Illustration, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration
Book Cover, Digital, Illustration
Digger Dog - Bilderbok
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Collage, Digital, Illustration
T-shirt graphics
Mixed Media, Illustration, Products
Pattern Design, Vector
T-shirt design Asteroid Day "Cosmic Collisions"
Graphic Design, Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
A Dinozard, Personal project
Jorden, educational animation
2D, Animation, Illustration, Character Design, Motion Graphics/GIF, Vector
Natural history museum, icons for digital signs, 2015
Graphic Design, Icons/Pictograms, Illustration, Vector, Web design

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