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Global sustainability.

Illustrations for report on global sustainability based on the fact that everyone is depend on each other and that everything we do is important for the climate, economy, health, justice and future.


Liv medlemstidning för RTP (Personskadeförbundet)

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Ink, Mixed Media
From the report: All link in the chain need to work. Through our consumption we are linked to booth the world around us and the future."
From the report: "If fair trade is a luxury  then human rights are a luxury and that is unfortunately the case for many people in the world.  As I see there are some changed choice in the store are a pretty easy way to contribute to a more sustainable world."
Everything is connected and we are mutually dependent on each other. If the goal is just to buy the cheapest item it is important to know that someone else is paying the real price. And as a consequence the soil can be so unusable, the rainforest devastated, the farmer exploited and pressure, that no coffee, bananas or other stuff that we are used to not are available any more.

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