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Bli ett socialt geni

Illustrations for the the book “Bli ett socialt geni” (“Become a social genius”) by Isabella Alveborg. The request was that the pictures should be in black and white, have a sense of the 20th century and connect to a mingling theme. 


Isabella Alveborg

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Illustration, Teaching Materials


The book "Bli ett socialt geni" ("Become a social genius") (the cover is designed by the publisher)
This image should describe the theme of the book - to become a social genius (and at the same time stick to the mingling and 20th century themes). I chose to make a silhouette with festive 20th century accessories, and at the same time show how the brain is working to become a social genius.
An image describing the relationship between ethos, logos and pathos. In the project, I first got to read the book and then make sketches and ideas for pictures that could support and explain the text. After briefing and in some cases more sketches, I made a suggestion for a final illustration.
Should one, as a third party, enter into an already ongoing discussion and thereby create an uneven balance of power?
Image describing Saussure's theory. When the man in the picture hears or sees the word "bun", he immediately gets memories and associations. The word itself and the characters in the word "BUN" are arbitrary. It is the context and experiences that make the man create a meaning of the word.
The book "Bli ett socialt geni" ("Become a social genius") (the cover is designed by the publisher)

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