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Finding home, children's book illustrations

Illustrations for the childrens book “Finding home”.


Jason Erwin

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Cover, Book Illustration


Ink, Mixed Media, Watercolor
"He liked the cool clear water and watching the desert animals scurrying about." Quote from the book "Finding home" written by Jason Erwin.
"Soon, dry sand was all that remained." I wanted to create a desert landscape that was both beautiful and a little scary. The color scale from this picture became a recurring theme for the book.
"Carefully, Arty opened his eyes and caught sight of a leaf drifting downward. He reached towards it, his jointed legs stretching as far as they could."
"Arty wrapped his feet in dry grass to keep them from burning." The ant Arty travels through the warm desert with the snake Sam, in an attempt to find a new home where it is possible to survive. Here we see Arty sad and exhausted sitting on his friend's back. The feet are sore and there are only a few seeds left in the pack ...

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