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Children's book illustrations

Illustrations for the children’s book “Jakten på den försvunna mamman” (“The hunt for the missing mum”), author Anna Nilson. Published in 2020 by the publishing house Visto.


Anna Nilson

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Cover, Picture Book


Ink, Watercolor
On the book cover, I have tried to get the feeling of an adventure. The book takes place both in the jungle and under the sea surface so I let these two worlds flow together. I have added details that can be recognized from the inside of the book so that the child can have an aha experience or have a fun task finding all the characters from the cover. I wanted a darker cover to give a sense of adventure, and in addition, it stands out in the children's bookshelf which is often very bright and colorful.
The pictures are created with ink and watercolor. In this picture, I wanted to show the main character Ella in her safe environment, with her family. So I want the image to show warm relationships, safety and harmony.
I wanted the picture to give the feeling of magnificent jungle but also be like a start shot on the adventure that Ella is heading towards. The plants forms a kind of portal that she has to go through to start the adventure. The path turns around the crest and you want to see where the path and the light leads ... let the adventure begin!
Cozy and bustling port city at dusk.
"When they step in through the open door to the fabric store, it rings further into the store. They hear a chair being pushed out and someone clearing their throat. There are fabrics everywhere, large tables and lots of buttons in different colors and shapes." Quote from the book "Jakten på den försvunna mamman", written by Anna Nilson. The author wanted pictures with a lot of details, you should be able to discover something new every time you see the picture. I think it's fun to add some quirky details like a secret cake and candy store behind the sales counter.

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