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After a public commission for Karolinska University Hospital I was asked to make gifts for the hospital staff with motifs from my art work, 29 laser engraved and side lit glass boards installed on four floors of the hospital. This is a box for engraved crystal glasses from Orrefors with the motive “Tidlösa” (medicinal plant Colchicum autumnale in Swedish). (More images from this project soon).


Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset/ Stockholms Kulturförvaltning

Creative Field

Graphic Design

Project Type



Mixed Media
Boxes for engraved crystal glasses, detail.
Boxes for engraved crystal glasses. Motifs from the art work "Tidlösa" (meaning timeless, the Swedish name for Colchicum autumnale)
Black print on cyan paper.
Debossing in the lid of the box. Quote from "What nursing is and what nursing is not" by Florence Nightinggale, a pioneer in the research of the health benefits of being around art.
The insert for two engraved crystal multi tumbler glasses from Orrefors (images to come).

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