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Skåneleden for kids

After looking at Skånelden’s website and their maps, I realised that there was an absence of material for children. I therefore wanted to create a visual material that represented Skåneleden but was also targeted towards children age 6-8. The decision was to make a child friendly map, with fun activites and relevant information that the child could take part of with the support of an adult. 


Eget projekt 

Creative Field


Project Type

Information Material/Publications, Maps


Mixed Media, Watercolor
Barnvänlig karta för Skåneleden i Skanör och Falsterbo
Front page and bingo activity
Barnvänlig karta runt Skanör-Falsterbonäset
The map with suggestions of cafées and childfriendly hiking routes around the Skanör-Falsterbo peninsula
Karta för barn ute i naturen på Skåneleden
Information to the adult and a treasure hunt activity on the beach for the kids

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