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Annika Lundholm Moberg

Annika Lundholm Moberg

Experienced illustrator and graphic designer living in Gothenburg. My assignments can be designing books, brochures, illustrations for teaching materials etc. I have a wide range of styles but my illustrations are often described as expressive, humorous and colourful. My goal is always that the image should speak for itself.

Creative Fields

Former clients include

Gleerups, B. Wahlströms, Opal, Felix, Postnord, ECO Wallpaper, Whataboutus


Div kurser i kroki, akvarell, akryl på Camden Arts Centre, London, KV:s Konstskola, Göteborg samt Art College, Göteborg. Tidningsdesign på RMI Berghs, Stockholm. Bilderboksutbildningar (90 p) på HDK, Göteborg.

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