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Erica Jacobson

Erica Jacobson

Erica has been working as a full time illustrator and designer in Stockholm since taking her Masters Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. I have hade the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from editorial, public art commissions to large advertising campaigns. Some of my clients are LA Times, UN Women, Sephora, Häagen-Dazs, Absolut Vodka and The Stockholm Fair.

Creative Fields

Animation, Illustration

Former clients include

Sephora, Kulturhuset, Naturskyddsföreningen, Häagen-Dazs, UN Women, Kiehls mfl 


Grafisk Design & Illustration, Konstfack


Red Love
Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial, Ink
Coffee break
2D, Animation, Icons/Pictograms, Character Design, Vector
ERGO Magazine
Animation, Digital, Editorial, Vector
ICA grocery store
2D, Packaging, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
image-multiple-icon people, 
AMF Real Estate 
Illustration, Paper Cut, Advertisement, Vector, Visual Identity Design
Salads with taste
Mixed Media, Book Design, Book Illustration, Illustration, Vector
Mönster för Mors Dag, uppdragsgivare Kiehls. Kvinna blåser i trumpet, barn leker, blommönster, färgglatt, colorful and playful. Pattern for beauty brand in pink and orange.
Kiehl´s Mothers Day
2D, Digital, Illustration, Pattern Design, Advertisement
affisch poster klädbytardag miljömedveten recycle clothes swap erica jacobson
Clothes Swap Day!
2D, Posters, Mixed Media, Illustration, Advertisement
Seven deadly sins
2D, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
Illustration, Products, Advertisement, Ink, Vector
Pink Ribbon x Tacotruck
2D, Posters, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
image-multiple-icon poster, theatre, woman playing instrument, people dancing, anniversary illustration, movement
2D, Posters, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
2D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Mural/Wall Art, Public Art
Posters, Mixed Media, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertisement, Ink, Vector
Mexico City
Posters, Mixed Media, Collage, Illustration, Ink
Absolut Vodka
3D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Products, Advertisement
Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Paper Cut
Fashion I
Mixed Media, Illustration, Fashion Illustration, Paper Cut, Editorial, Ink
Theatre poster
Posters, Mixed Media, Collage, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertisement, Ink
Sephora Fragrance & Holiday Campaign
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Products, Advertisement, Vector
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Ink

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