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Graphic Design

At Sogeti, I was responsible of design, p.m. and production of all design initiatives. Below are a few examples of my work: custom-designed socks, vision rooms, training apparel, and social media graphics. In all my designs, I prioritize functionality, utility, and sustainability. The result is satisfied customers with practical and engaging products that reinforce brand identity and convey clear messages.


Sogeti Sverige AB

Creative Field

Graphic Design

Project Type

Visual Identity Design, Web design


Specialdesignad strumpa som giveaway. Formgivare Maria Helgars,
Extra fun and useful give away at Sogeti, specially designed sock.
A few examples of designs for Sogeti Communication materials, Advert, internal online system, beach flag and a decal for a jar of cockies.
Brandad sporttröja med illutsrationer på, design: Maria Helgars,
Sprts clothes for employees that partisipate in runs.
Bild som visar specialdesignat rum för innovativa möten, designad matta, väggpaneler och övriga detaljer.
Design of concept for innovative conference rooms,  specially designed carpet, wall panels and different smalldetails.
Bild visar ett klipp från Sogetis Instagramflöde. Där visas flera olika exempel på design som Maria Helgars tagit fram.
Example Sogeti Instaram feed. you can see examples of exhibision stand, office, flashcards and signages.
Gåvokit till nyblivna föräldrar, formgivare Maria Helgars,
GIfts for new perents.

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