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Text and lots of illustrations/photos. Binder. Play-school and primary school. There are two more binders, nr 2 and 3 for higher levels.


Idébiblioteket, Gleerups m fl

Creative Field

Graphic Design, Illustration

Project Type

Teaching Materials


Ink, Mixed Media, Watercolor
Montessori-ideas 1-2-3. A4-binders with teacher's guides and lots of illustrations and photos how to make your own teaching materials in an easy way.
From Montessori-idéer 1. Easy math. Paint and count. Playschool and first year.
From Montessori-ideas 1. Nature and environment. Animal cards.
From Montessori-ideas 1. Nature and environment. Time.
From Montessori-ideas 1. The human body. Body organs.
Montessori-ideas 2 and 3. Higher levels. Water colour, ink, photos, graphic design etc.

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