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A Midsummer Nightmare

Cover artwork for part 3 of ”Sacred holiday trilogy”.

Author: Madeleine Bäck. Hedvig bokförlag.


hedvig bokförlag

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Cover, Book Illustration


Ink, Watercolor
Troll hands, producing a midsummer garland from subterranean dwellin,. Ink and watercolour original.
Cover illustration with handdrawn title
Troll creeping up on infant. Nightmare scene. Ink and charcoal illustration.
The Shadow
Troll mountain cave entrance. Children in white. Midsummer twilight illustration. The Horror.
The Mountain
Lucia. Ljusbringande flicka förstenar grottlevande troll med vit magi. Skräck. Light bearer turns troll into stone through white magic. Childrens book illustration.
The troll. Ink and charcoal.

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