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Art On Broken Pieces

These fabric badges are designed as part of a larger project where I was asked to design a concept to give new life to the clothing with production defects from DAWN DENIM’s manufacturing.


DAWN DENIM, Germany/Vietnam

Creative Field


Project Type

Icons/Pictograms, Products


2D, Digital
When I got the opportunity to design badges to be worn on everyday clothes, I wanted to take the chance to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and consumption. Personally, I would like to be reminded daily of what I can do and how I can live in my everyday life to be more environmentally friendly.
Happy and encouraging design and colour suggestions for the embroidered badges
Permissive, inclusive and motivating designs are significant to my work in most projects I do
"In the manufacturing process, tiny little defects lead to clothes being sorted out. To put an end to this waste, the piece in your hand has been carefully repaired and is one of a kind; just like you."
The defects in production are all unique and can be e.g. holes or color spots.

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