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A safe place
Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Illustration, Juniqe
2D, Illustration, Character Design, Products, Vector
Tiny bunnies
Posters, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration, Ink
Anthropologie, pyjamas and packaging
Mixed Media, Packaging, Illustration, Pattern Design
Illustration, Products, Vector
Sov Gott! - Good dreams
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Book Cover, Digital, Illustration
Personal work - Peter Rabbit 2
Posters, Picture Book, Digital, Engraving, Illustration
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration
2D, Animation, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement, Motion Graphics/GIF
2D, Book Illustration, Illustration, Ink
Personal work, book cover: Alice in Wonderland
Mixed Media, Pencil, Book Cover, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration
KP , Kamratposten , layoutar magazine
Mixed Media, Collage, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial, Magazine Design
Watercolor, Picture Book, Book Cover, Illustration, Ink
Picture Book, Digital, Illustration
Picture Book, Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Caricature
Posters, Mixed Media, Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Pattern Design
cover, children's book 2019
Watercolor, Picture Book, Mixed Media, Book Cover, Illustration, Ink
SLFF, Skolforum 2016 (education fair)
Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial
Alice. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern 2018.
Posters, Mixed Media, Collage, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Paper Cut
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Collage, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Comics, Comic Illustration
placeholder image
Magic wand
Watercolor, Picture Book, Illustration, Ink
2D, Illustration, Editorial
2D, Illustration, Pattern Design
Watercolor, Picture Book, Illustration

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