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Visar alla projekt taggade med: Happy

Glasbranschföreningen, portrait.
Watercolor, Digital, Illustration, Portraits
Book Cover, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration
Many Happy Faces Pattern Design
Digital, Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
Posters, Digital, Illustration, Character Design, Vector
Eco-Sal "No plastic!" design
Packaging, Illustration, Ink, Vector
Standup Logo
Digital, Illustration, Logotype, Comic Illustration, Ink
2D, Animation, Motion Graphics/GIF, Ink
Dental health
Watercolor, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Greeting cards
Watercolor, Illustration, Pattern Design, Products
Dogs, pattern for servingtrays
Mixed Media, Illustration, Pattern Design, Products
Packaging illustrations
Pencil, Packaging, Illustration, Advertisement
Dancing avocados
2D, Animation, Digital, Products, Motion Graphics/GIF
Digital, Packaging, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
The kiosk, from the books about Marius
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration
Mixed Media, Collage, Illustration, Infographics, Information Material/Publications
Happy Bunny
2D, Picture Book, Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration, Comics
Magical cat!
2D, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration, Character Design, Ink
Picture Book, Book Illustration, Collage, Digital, Illustration, Ink
Posters, Collage, Digital, Illustration, Paper Cut
2D, Animation, Digital, Motion Graphics/GIF
2D, Animation, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration, Motion Graphics/GIF, Vector
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Ink
Book cover
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Ink, Vector
Stadium Magazine
Mixed Media, Illustration, Portraits, Editorial, Vector
Erik and Lea: Book illustration
2D, Picture Book, Book Cover, Digital, Illustration, Ink
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Pencil, Book Design, Collage, Illustration
KP , Kamratposten , layoutar magazine
Mixed Media, Collage, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial, Magazine Design
2D, Digital, Illustration, Products, Vector
Digital, Illustration, Portraits
Saga Egmont, coverillustration, 2019
Book Cover, Digital, Illustration
Own project - animation cat
2D, Animation, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Motion Graphics/GIF
Operation Smile
Watercolor, Animation, Products, Motion Graphics/GIF
Forte Magasin
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
Digital, Illustration, Logotype, Advertisement
Children & Cancer , illustrations
Pencil, Illustration, Editorial, Comic Illustration, Ink
2D, Animation, Digital, Character Design, TV/Film Graphics
Watercolor, Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Mixed Media, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Editorial, Ink
Childrens book -Ted Smiles
Watercolor, Picture Book, Illustration
2D, Posters, Illustration, Editorial, Vector
Swing it magistern Poster
2D, Posters, Digital, Illustration, Caricature, Vector
2D, Icons/Pictograms, Illustration, Vector
Halloween pumpkin
2D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Portraits, Ink
2D, Illustration, Editorial, Caricature, Comics, Ink, Vector

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