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The knowledge ladder
Digital, Icons/Pictograms, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Vector
Cover for Swedish magazine Villaägaren 
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Vector
2D, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration, Game Graphics
Animal numbers
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Mural/Wall Art
Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Teaching aid illustrations
Book Illustration, Book Cover, Illustration, Vector
Grafiskt profilprogram med skyltning för museiverksamhet; Labbet
3D, Graphic Design, Visual Identity Design
Digital, Illustration, Infographics, Teaching Materials, Vector
2D, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration
Micaela Favilla
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
BonnierCarlsen publishing house, book cover, 2015
Mixed Media, Book Cover, Illustration
2D, Mixed Media, Book Illustration, Illustration, Teaching Materials
2D, Digital, Teaching Materials, Comics, Comic Illustration
May the force be with you
Mixed Media, Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
2D, Picture Book, Mixed Media, Illustration, Teaching Materials
Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Idea book for language-learning
Book Design, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Watercolor
Watercolor, Mixed Media, Pencil, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Web design
Friction, Universeum, Gothenburg 2017
2D, Digital, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Comics, Comic Illustration
Autumn Studies, learning materials
Watercolor, Mixed Media, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Editorial
2D, Illustration, Character Design, Teaching Materials
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
illustration av kvinna vid dator som jobbar med miljöfrågor. Kollage av människor, arbete och miljö.
illustration, city life
Digital, Illustration, Infographics, Editorial, Vector
Pattern Design, Vector
Mixed Media, Digital, Teaching Materials
2D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Portraits

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