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Quanta Magazine

Illustrations for Quanta magazine – describing a concept called The Langlands program; which provides a beautifully intricate set of connections between various areas of mathematics, pointing the way toward novel solutions for old problems.


Quanta Magazine

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Editorial, Infographics


Imagine the world of mathematics as a physical world - with different continents representing different fields of mathematics...
...One of these being the field of Number Theory.
Another one of these continents is the land of Harmonic Analysis...
...This is a world of Symmetry, geometry, repeating patterns and modular forms.
These vastly different fields was long thought to exist totally separate from each other - mathematicians who studied them could never really prove any interconnectedness between them. That is, not until 1967 when, in a letter to the number theorist André Weil, a 30-year-old mathematician named Robert Langlands outlined striking conjectures that predicted a correspondence between two objects from these separate fields. The Langlands program was born. 

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