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We stay on the ground


Vi håller oss på jorden

Creative Field


Project Type

Book Illustration, Editorial


Mixed Media, Pencil
Illustration interpreting a text entitled "I love to travel!"
Illustration that complements a text that describes the most common arguments for, despite the great climate impact, continuing to fly. I wanted to focus on the arguments and let the people in the picture be anonymous. To show the main subject of the arguments, I added a hand showing a plane.
Illustration that complements a text that describes that 80% of the earth's population has never flown, but only stood on the ground and looked at one. What I hope is that when you first look at the picture you will be curious about what everyone is looking at, and then see the shadow fairly quickly and understand that they are looking at a passing aircraft.
Illustration of a text that describes that we humans are strongly influenced by each other's behavior and actions. Quite simply: if you show the way, more people will follow.
Illustration that shows that we sometimes need to push politicians to make important decisions.

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