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Interactive Restaurant Window

The brief from Ave Mario was to create a set of colourful, humouristic illustrations to be used for the front window, the menu, the staff clothing and the restaurants social media postings. It has a significant role in their playful brand identity, where their goal is to be a restaurant out of the ordinary with an innovative, multicultural menu and social games.


Ave Mario Restaurang, HCMC, Vietnam

Creative Field


Project Type

Mural/Wall Art, Signage


2D, Digital
This image refer to "The Last Supper" with Jesus.
In this close-up you can clearly see in the background how the characters' faces can be opened to stick out your own face.
This is the back illustration of the restaurant window. The faces of the characters can be opened from the back to stick out your own face.
The front window at night
The illustrations are cut and placed in layers in front of each other to create a depth in the window.
One of the front layers in the window

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