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LIBÉ fashion collaboration

I was contacted through my instagram by the you female fashion brand Libé in 2019. The girls wanted to collaborate on a collection where I created new illustrations in my cheerful, motivating and inclusive style to be used on their clothing.


LIBÉ, Vietnam

Creative Field


Project Type

Fashion Illustration, Products


Digital, Mixed Media
The Peace Sign
Designing artwork for young Vietnamese women, I wanted to pass on messages that I personally strongly believe in and constantly try to incorporate in my own daily life. Team building,  Work balance,  Sustainable lifestyle, Life study,  The art of friendship,  Happiness,  Health,  Eco system,  Together,  Self esteem
Proposals for labels and color chart for the collection. They liked them all and printed them on a canvas totebag.
The clothes collection presented in one of Libé's shops in Ho Chi Minh City.

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