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Visar alla projekt taggade med: Krig och fred

Wood anemone
Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration, Advertisement
"Unknown soldier" and other images
Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Digital, Graphic Design, Advertisement
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Vector
Reconstruction of female viking warrior from Birka
Pencil, Illustration, Medical/Scientific Illustration
Design marketing of event
Posters, Digital, Graphic Design, Advertisement
How to avert Nuclear War with China
Collage, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Exhibition sign The Army Museum in Stockholm
Digital, Graphic Design, Signage
Pencil, Illustration, Caricature
2D, Mixed Media, Illustration, Teaching Materials
2D, Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Book Design, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration
Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logotype
Nobel Museum, Folder for children activities
2D, Digital, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Advertisement
Byggmax tank
Digital, Illustration, Advertisement
2D, Digital, Illustration, Game Graphics, Storyboard
Watercolor, Fantasy, Illustration
Posters, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Caricature, Vector
Illustration, Editorial, Caricature, Ink
Book Cover, Collage, Graphic Design, Illustration
Picture Book, Mixed Media, Pencil, Book Design, Collage, Illustration
Digital, Packaging, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
Dove VS Tank
2D, Posters, Digital, Illustration, Ink
Collage, Illustration, Editorial
Christmas card
Posters, Mixed Media, Illustration, Products
The Old Oak
2D, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement, Storyboard
CATCH 2022 ☛ No to nuclear weapons. No to NATO.
Posters, Mixed Media, Illustration
2D, Book Cover, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration
2D, Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials
The wild space
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
2D, Digital, Illustration, Editorial
Mixed Media, Pencil, Fantasy, Illustration, Character Design, Ink
Personal Work, "Dalsland Runt"
2D, Book Cover, Illustration
Personal Work, "The 1880s"
Watercolor, Book Illustration, Illustration
Report about activism.
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Ink
Watercolor, Collage, Illustration, Editorial
Virginia Woolf 2015
Pencil, Collage, Illustration, Portraits, Comic Illustration
Collage, Comic Illustration
Illustrations for Pojken från längesen, Rabén & Sjögren
Pencil, Book Illustration, Book Cover, Illustration
Mixed Media, Book Cover, Illustration, Editorial
Psychology book
Book Cover, Collage, Illustration, Teaching Materials

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