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Expert Nova, illustrations.
2D, Book Illustration, Digital, Illustration
2D, Digital, Illustration, Character Design, Game Graphics
2D, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration, Game Graphics
Pack of cards, outdoor-challenges
Packaging, Illustration, Pattern Design, Vector
Memory game - below the surface in Öresund
Packaging, Illustration, Products, Vector
Cover - Dataspelsbranschen
Book Cover, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration
Picture Book, Book Illustration, Illustration
Animation, Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Motion Graphics/GIF
Pencil, Digital, Illustration, Storyboard
Berra & Boris Book illustration
2D, Book Illustration, Book Cover, Digital, Illustration
Mixed Media, Illustration, Advertisement, Signage, Ink
Beach with cabins
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial, Advertisement, Vector
2D, Mixed Media, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration, Game Graphics
Watercolor, Illustration, Advertisement
Mixed Media, Packaging, Graphic Design, Information Material/Publications
2D, Animation, Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement, Motion Graphics/GIF
Posters, Mixed Media, Illustration, Portraits, Screen Printing
Gambling addiction, illustration.
Collage, Digital, Illustration, Editorial, Vector
Accept the Challange
2D, Mixed Media, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement, Game Graphics
Avalanche Studios, Mad Max, Storyboard
2D, Digital, Illustration, Advertisement, Storyboard
2D, Book Cover, Digital, Fantasy, Illustration
New Books
Mixed Media, Illustration, Editorial
Digital, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Vector
2D, 3D, Digital, Illustration, Maps, Game Graphics
2D, Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustration, Products, Vector
Posters, Mixed Media, Pencil, Illustration, Ink
2D, Mixed Media, Collage, Graphic Design, Illustration, Game Graphics
Illustration Customer Magazine, Svea ekonomi.
Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustration, Information Material/Publications, Vector
2D, Fantasy, Illustration, Character Design
Game Boy
2D, Animation, Mixed Media, Digital, Motion Graphics/GIF
2D, Picture Book, Mixed Media, Book Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
A Dinozard, Personal project
Baking Break, Personal project
2D, Graphic Design, Icons/Pictograms, Illustration, Game Graphics
LISEBERG: digital illustration
Posters, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertisement, Vector
Personal Project, "Rinasla the Warrior"
Character Design, Game Graphics
Mixed Media, Book Cover, Illustration, Information Material/Publications
Minecraft, illustrations for animated book
Pencil, Illustration, Editorial, Advertisement
Sanoma Utbildning, "El juego de la jungla"
2D, Graphic Design, Illustration, Teaching Materials, Vector
Graphic Design, Illustration, Game Graphics, Vector

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